Horror & Fear Costumes

Capture the real spirit of All Hallows Eve, and buy one of these Scary Costumes for men, women, and children. Every outfit in our horror section will be sure to make people in school or at your Halloween party cower. We have a collection of blood splattered, knife wielding, apparition, death bringing designs. Everything from classic werewolf, zombie, and vampire costumes to less traditional and more creative killer ensembles can be found here. Inflict the pain, because it's Fright Night, and you are going to fit right in.

From movie characters to generic characters, we have it all. The darkness will be where you live. Sadness and fear will be what you feed off of. You're not trying to make people laugh this Halloween, because that is not what the holiday tradition is about, unless it is nervous laughter. Guys and girls alike will be able to strike fear in the hearts of many. Stalk your prey with these dark designs, and don't let the innocent girl get away. If you're going to buy a horror costume, you are going to need the right accessories to make it more terrifying. Serial killers need a murder weapon, a lot of these outfits could use makeup, and if you're throwing a party, we even have horror music to make the atmosphere eerie.

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