Princess Leia Costumes

Sail away with the Rebellion when you dress as Princess Leia from Star Wars this Halloween. The story of Star Wars has been around for decades and everyone will know who you are when you step out as this famous Princess. Leia, a feminist icon, has been turning heads for years with her modern ideals and ability to be strong as a woman in a male dominated society. With her iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle and white gown, Leia is a “force” to be reckoned with and you will be to in any of our Princess Leia licensed Star Wars costumes.

From plus sized to fun sized, we have all of Leia’s classic looks. From “sexy slave” to galaxy warrior, you can pick whichever Leia look matches your personality. Children and babies can join in on the fun, too! We have costumes for infants and girls so you can introduce your child to a galaxy far, far, away. Complete any look with our Princess Leia headband, which contains her trademark hair look. Pick up a light saber for protection from enemies so you’ll be sure to go through the galaxy in style. We have many other Star Wars accessories to make any look a Leia look.

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