Design Your Own Costume


No costume is complete without the finishing touches. They could be anything from tights that will keep your legs warm under short skirts on a chilly Halloween night to cinema-quality special effects makeup that transforms you into a butchered and bloody murder victim. Accessories and makeup are made to either enhance a get-up or to create the basis of your overall look.

Accessories consist of pieces to finish off your costume such as hosiery, shoes, jewelry, fangs, wings, sunglasses, handbags and props such as weaponry, treasure chests, witch's brooms, feather dusters, fans, beards, mustaches and eye patches. We sell finishing touches for every genre so you know you'll be getting all of the choices you could hope for when you purchase your outfit. When it comes to discount items, accessories and makeup, we have you covered from head-to-toe plus everything underneath.

Makeup is a fun way to turn a simple outfit into a magnificent ensemble. There are makeup kits for ghouls like Frankenstein, vampires, skeletons, witches and werewolves or for animals such as lions and tigers. Of course, no clown costume is complete without white clown makeup. You can buy makeup in individual color tubes or purchase it in kits. Makeup kits come with easy to follow directions and enough product that you can experiment beforehand. After a fun evening in full costume makeup you can easily remove your makeup with makeup remover also sold on our site.

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