Baby Accessories

If people were to call you a big baby this Halloween season, would you take it a compliment? If you're planning on turning back the hands of time for your next costume, consider some baby costume accessories! What little tot doesn't need a crib full of accessories to keep them happy? Most infant items look silly in adult hands, and are much too small if said adult were actually to get use from them. Our add-ons are cute baby's things made comically enormous to look proportionate to big boys and girls trying to look like they belong in the nursery! Pastel pink and sky blue are the most popular colors for babies and many of our items for your infant outfit have the same color scheme.

Baby costumes are hilarious when adults wear them, and they're arguably the most comfortable outfits you can wear out to that Halloween party. Pair them with some comfy pastel-colored pajamas (or if you're brave, fashion a large diaper and just wear that! ), tie long hair into pigtails, find a cute teddy bear pal to tote around, and you've assembled an easy ensemble that can be as adorable or funny as you want it to be. Our accessories will let you perfect the just born look without having to raid your baby's toybox to do so. Everybody's going to want to hold you, cuddle you, pinch your cheeks, and spoil you when they see you in your infant-todder outfit!

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