Butterfly Costumes

Transform this year into a beautiful butterfly with butterfly costumes and accessories for children and adults. The butterfly ultimately starts out as a caterpillar but by the end becomes a beautiful creature. Show your child the beauty of nature in any of our butterfly costumes. Pick your child’s favorite color and watch them fly around the neighborhood this Halloween as they show off their grace and beauty in any of our wonderful costumes. From monarch butterfly to ballerina butterfly, there’s no telling how far her imagination will go.

Find The Best Selection Of Butterfly Costumes

Whether a butterfly, bee, or ladybug is on your Halloween costume list this year, we have you covered. Girls can be cute as a button as a ladybug or a butterfly as they fly around the neighborhood collecting candy. Infants can join in on the fun with costumes like spiders and bees in onesie form. Add a pair of striped tights and wings to complete your look and you’re all ready for a night out! Whether young or old, being an insect is a simple costume anyone can be.
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