Captain America Costumes

Dress in something super this Halloween and go as the heroic and iconic superhero Captain America. Our wide collection of Captain America Costumes can outfit you in the perfect ensemble to your liking and we have a lot of variations, from classic jumpsuit style outfits to dimensional muscle chest suits. We offer Captain America ensembles for boys and adult men and ladies can join in on the fun. Many female counterparts have donned the Captain's stars and stripes throughout the Marvel Universe including Golden Girl, The American Dream, and Miss America. Regardless of whether you are big or small, a boy or girl, everyone loves the patriotic and planet saving Captain America and now you can look just like him for Halloween or Super Hero Costume parties.

Captain America first appeared in 1941 and was a popular comic book figure through the World War II era. He was successfully revisited by Marvel in the mid 1960's. In the Marvel Universe, Captain America went M.I.A in battle and was rediscovered years later, frozen in an iceberg. He was successfully reanimated and he then joined The Avengers, as the leader of this star studded super hero cast. Captain America differs from most heroes in that he was given his powers through a serum the government supplied to make him the peak of human physical potential. Although a frail and wimpy soldier, he was selected because of his extraordinary courage and leadership.

Captain America has been a time tested favorite of the Marvel franchise and his patriotic hero disguise makes for an eye catching, colorful, and fun Halloween outfit. Browse through our extensive selection of Captain America Costumes for the perfect one for you and we offer a ton of related accessories like his shield, a toy sword, and other fun props.

We know you'll look great in the red, white, and blue so don't wait for these great ensembles to sell out, order your Captain America outfit today!

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