Cinco De Mayo

On May 5th, Americans and Mexicans celebrate their heritage and pride, commemorating the fight for freedom and democracy. The day was originally meant to celebrate the Battle of Puebla, during which their army was able to defeat a well-equipped and skilled French army that vastly outnumbered them. So, show your pride and celebrate El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla with one of our Cinco de Mayo costumes.

These Cinco de mayo outfits are all fun and colorful, and of course, they allow enough mobility for you to dance - whatever your preference of music might be. We have Mexican costumes for the Cha-Cha, the tango, and the flamenco, as well as various other gorgeous Mexican outfits. We have items for young girls, teens, and grown women, all in bright colors that display an unparalleled sense of pride. You don't even need to be of Mexican descent to wear and enjoy this awesome attire.

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