DC Comics

When people think about DC Comics the names Batman, the Flash, Harley Quinn, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Black Canary, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Lex Luthor come to mind! DC Comics has been an important part of pop culture in the world. Become the hero or villain that you’ve always wanted to be this year by dressing up as a DC Comics character. You can transform into Bruce Wayne, Batman, and protect Gotham City. Dress up as '60s Batman, The Dark Knight  Rises (2012), Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Batman, and more! Pretend to attend Super Hero High in a DC SuperHero Girls in a Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, or Batgirl. Fight for Justice as a character like Robin  from the hit animated show Young Justice. There are many options for fans of DC Comics characters. Show off your lasso skills with a Wonder Woman ensemble from the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice collection or in a classic Wonder Woman outfit.  Pretend to fly through the skies as the CW’s Supergirl or as a the classic Supergirl.

If you have a villainous side,  then you also have an array of villains from the Rogue Gallery to choose! Say “Riddle Me This” and confuse everyone with clever puzzles as The Riddler. Show off your environmental side as the pretty and deadly Dr. Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy. Let out your crazy side as Harley Quinn, the psychiatric doctor turned into a dangerous supervillain. Express the sheer power of Krypton as Faora, the Kryptonian warrior and ally of General Zod. Transform into a thief that will have everyone running for their money as the fierce anti-hero Catwoman. And then there is DC’s top villain, The Joker. No matter the incarnation, The Joker is scary and a master of fear. Dress up as Heath Ledger’s, Jared Leto’s, Jack Nicholson’s, or your favorite video game or animated Joker to bring the fear to your nearest Halloween party or comic convention. Remember to practice your most chilling laugh too!

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