Disney Princess Costumes

Disney makes movies that are so captivating, you'd think they use real magic to create them. At one point or another, every girl imagines herself as one of their princesses, and our collection of Disney Princess costumes for girls is sure to bring this dream to life for your daughter. The princess that started it off is the "fairest of them all," Snow White. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty followed soon after. All three of these original princesses are sweet women who are rescued by the prince of their dreams. They inspire the fantasy that one day a prince will sweep you off your feet and take you to a grand palace. Because of the sheer popularity of Disney's take on these fairy tales, Cinderella's Castle was built in Disney theme parks and came to symbolize the magic of Disney.

Disney has since created princesses who are more complex and independent. In 1989, the Disney Renaissance began with the introduction of Ariel, a mermaid who refuses to obey her father's wishes and goes on an adventure to explore the world above the ocean. Belle, a character who is both intelligent and brave enough to take her father's place as prisoner, soon followed with the release of Beauty & the Beast. Ever since these two, Disney's princesses are adventurous, and they refuse to wait around for a prince to save them.

Disney princesses are known for having big hearts, and they are just as enchanting as the magic that their witches and fairy godmothers use. It's no surprise that your daughter wants to dress up as one, and our great selection of girls' Disney princess costumes can let her do it.

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