Fangs & Teeth

You never know what's behind a sneaky, closed-mouth smile until someone opens up their jaws and reveal a set of bloody fangs or rotten yellow teeth. And with these fangs and teeth you can take your costume to places you've never been before, and that you maybe wish you hadn't gone.

Dracula could not possibly suck your blood if he didn't have sharp, deadly fangs to puncture you with, just like our vampire chomps. On a full moon the metamorphosis from human to werewolf won't be an easy one unless have werewolf incisors to bite down on your victims because nobody will run for their lives from a werewolf with no devouring fangs. If your theme is country backwoods, then you will most definitely need the slack-jawed, buck, and missing choppers from the mouth of a country bumpkin. You can't go out dressed like a zombie in your pearly whites, so get a pair of zombie teeth to really become one of the undead and don't forget to pour on a ton of fake blood so you can be really gory. Or go cute and put some adorable bunny teeth in your head. You'll be munching lettuce from the patch in no time.

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