Girls Food & Drink Costumes

She will be handed the trophy for best-dressed party guest on a silver platter when she shows up wearing one of these girl's food costumes. These humorous ensembles are designed after cuisine from all the different levels of the food pyramid and are guaranteed to make her friends and neighbors laugh when they see her trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. From fruits and vegetables to candy and snacks, your daughter can get dressed up as her favorite food and celebrate Halloween in style.

Most of these ensembles consist of a body suit that's shaped just like the dish they're modeled after giving your little girl a 3-D look that's as realistic as possible. Many come connected with a hood or include a hat so that she looks edible from head to toe and some even have extra accessories such as gloves to make it seem like she's a snack that has come to life. Certain outfits feature dresses instead of jumpsuits which are made to resemble the wrappers or logo of the treat she's dressed up as if she's looking for something more girly and cute. If you're looking to add another layer of clothing to your little girl's look just in case the weather gets chilly, you can find leggings, tights and stockings in a variety of colors on our site's Accessories page. Face paint is sold here as well if your daughter really wants to make sure she looks good enough to eat.

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