Genie Costumes

Genies, or Jinn as they are referred to in the Quran, are supernatural beings that occupy a parallel universe. They have the ability to change their shape and can be intrinsically good or evil, just like humans. King Solomon kept them in bondage, as his servants. Fairy tales portray them as magical creatures kept in a lamp and whoever can free the genie by rubbing the lamp will be granted three wishes.

Genie costumes are Arabic in style and resemble harem outfits. They often feature jewels and gold coins, and have bare midriffs. They also wear Arabian hats with sheer fabric veils. Harem Halloween costumes are very sexy for women but versions are made for young girls that are less revealing. The most famous one of them all is I Dream of Jeanie. This one is a replica of the one from the TV Show.

Accessories include shoes, a lamp, sandals and a purse. We strongly suggest you get the lamp to go with your Halloween costume so you won't be mistaken for a harem girls, since they are very much alike.

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