Girls Horror & Gothic Costumes

Halloween and Horror go hand-in-hand. Any characters, objects or feelings that could stir up dread and anticipation are what give Halloween its purpose. Centuries ago, the Druids donned fearsome costumes on All Hallows Eve to frighten off demonic apparitions who rise from the dead. The custom persists today with children donning Halloween horror costumes.

Girl's horror Halloween costumes vary from subdued to grotesque. Family friendly styles similar to the Dramarama Skelehearted Costume and the Girl's Ghostly Lady are crowd pleasers while the Girls Heartbreak Rocker is a scarier. To get really gruesome, one of our Zombie options is what you want to wear. When combined with horror costumes for girls, the merchandise that make the best impact are the components that bring the it together. The key accessory for any scary look is the makeup. Many come with a matching mask but for the most authentic and gruesome look we sell a wide variety of kits that offer step-by-step instructions to turn into a vampire, werewolf, zombie, monster and more.

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