Girls International Costumes

Grab a map and get ready to travel around the world with one of these girls International costumes! Your little girl can find an ensemble inspired by every continent to wear this Halloween! From the warm weather of South, to the arctic temperatures of the North, and everything in between, your little globe trotter can find an adorable outfit to wear while trick-or-treating, going to a school holiday dance, or even at an educational event where she can teach others about the different cultures found across the world. This collection can add stamps to your passport from Spain, Japan, the Swiss Alps, and even Africa.

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These looks are designed to resemble the fashions your daughter would find should she hop on a plane and explore all 7 continents. Bright colors, ruffled dresses, kimonos and fur are all used to make these discounted costumes as realistic as possible, while still remaining cute and fun enough that your daughter will want to wear them. Of course, hair, makeup and accessories are an important part of making sure your attire looks complete. If your world traveler is dressing up as a dancer, she'll need the right shoes, a fan to perform with, and a flower in her hair. If her choice is a Princess who lives in the desert, she'll need a crown and other jewelry to match her golden look. All of these items and many more can be found at the same sale prices in the Accessories section so your explorer can look her best no matter where her journey takes her. Now that she looks the part, make sure your daughter can speak to everyone she meets on her tour of the world. Here's how to say hello to everyone she meets. Mandarin- Ni Hao, French- Bonjour, German- Hallo, Italian- Ciao, Japanese- Konnichiwa, Spanish- Hola, Swedish- Halla.

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