Jewelry & Wands

Don't stop with just a costume when you can accessorize to make your ensemble unique and personalized to you. Adding subtle accents and focal points with some of our jewelry pieces can also help you get into the character you're dressed up by giving you a more complete ensemble, not to mention a more eye catching one as well. Our collection of Miscellaneous Jewelry has tons of great options for you to browse through and select your favorites.

If you created your costume yourself, are dressing up as a non specific character, or just plain don't know where to look for fun add on ideas, then this is the department for you. This is a one stop shop for all of your jewelry needs if you don't know what theme you want to go with yet or you created a unique costume idea. Within this section you will find a ton of really fun and eye catching pieces. This section includes pirate, flapper girl, Native American, hippie themed items and so much more. This one aggregated section contains many of our jewelry selections. This category includes rings, necklaces, and bracelets that run the gamut in themes and styles. Make sure you look the best you can this Halloween and browse through our jewelry selections to find your favorite pieces to add. Halloween is a really fun time of the year that only comes around once, so don't waste it with a humdrum costume.

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