Knight Costumes

With all of these monsters and zombies running around rampant on Halloween night, we could all use some chivalrous and heroic noblemen to come save the day! Dress up like a victorious knight in shining armor with one of our valiant Knight Costumes. They are a great character choice this year. You can certainly stand out wearing some of these great pieces and you'll have a lot of fun pretending to be one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

With our wide variety, we have a style and color scheme for everyone. We have tunic based costumes, armor plated outfits, and chain mail suits. We have a ton of different individual pieces too so you can mix and match and put together your own unique look. We have a ton of great accessories like shields and toy swords, and individual armor pieces like arm and leg guards and gauntlets. You can dress up like a specific legend like Lancelot or Arthur or put together your own original armor ensemble.

We have knight costumes for kids of all ages, from toddlers to grown ups. It can be a lot of fun to travel back to the Middle Ages and pretend to be a brave and honorable knight. They are often the main characters in many fairy tales and are always the heroes that do the dirty work for the King and save the day. Be every princesses dream this Halloween and dress up in one of our many fantastic ensembles.

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