You can wear a Luau grass skirts for your Hawaiian luau party or for Halloween. It will make you look tropical and exotic in the summer and bring the sweet memory of warm ocean breezes to a chilly October. Hawaiian Luau costumes feature hula skirts made from materials such as nylon and raffia. You can wear a bathing suit top with the grass skirt or get daring and wear a coconut bra top. The men's luau Halloween costume consists of a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts but if a man wants to be humorous, he can wear a hula skirt with leis around his neck.

Nearly every kind we carry has a humorous style and Hawaiian costumes are no exception. The Hawaiian Tacky Tourist outfits will make you look like the funniest guests at your luau. You will surely be the life of the party if you dress with the theme, whether you go for humor or authenticity. Which ever you choose, always top it off with a tropical flower lei.

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