Mermaid Costumes

Mermaids are mystical creatures from the sea so our Mermaid Halloween costumes need to evoke the image of shimmering waters and glistening scales. They feature iridescent materials, shiny sequins and fabrics in shades of blue. Whether short or long, they all have the flared mermaid tail silhouette.

Mermaids have the power to mesmerize sailors with their beautiful voices. One of those mermaids was Ariel. Toddlers, girls and women all love our Little Mermaid costumes for its wholesome Disney appeal. However, some mermaids are so irresistibly gorgeous that sailors have dove to their deaths trying to capture one. If you want to be one of them, you will need a sexy Mermaid costume for Halloween. In one of these outfits, any pirate would gladly walk to plank for you.

To add some maritime accents to your costume you can purchase a seaweed boa or Neptune's Triton. Long wigs, especially Ariel's Red Hair wig will go perfectly with your costume. At such low discount prices, you can easily afford the extras that will make your Mermaid costume the best thing anyone has seen in several Halloweens.

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