Boys Ninja Costumes

A true ninja is clothed in darkness; wearing only shadows and walking where their victims will not look. When they see eyes sparkling from under a dark hood and the light glinting from a weapon it is already too late. The ninja were among the first secret agents, being sent in the dead of night to solve problems at the edge of a blade, where diplomacy and tact had failed ancient Japanese lords. Tap into the mystery of these silent assassins with our boys ninja costumes.

Hide your identity from casual observers with a realistic hood and mask. Protect yourself from the elements and conceal your skin with a long sleeved undershirt and vest jacket, with pockets for concealing your many weapons, the tools of your trade. Long, dark pants and soft tabi boots help the quiet ninja move stealthily through the night, which, along with a silent, well-disciplined tongue, helps him maintain their primary weapon, the element of surprise.

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