Oktoberfest Costumes

Grab a beer and have a toast with Germany’s famous Oktoberfest event. Every year in October, people in Germany and all over the globe take part in festivities revolving around beer and German treats. Whether going to an Octoberfest event in Germany or in your neighborhood, there is no better way to get festive than in one of these Oktoberfest themed costumes. Men and women can have a pint to looking like they just came overseas from the German country. Guten tag!

Kill two birds with one stone this year by being in an Oktoberfest costume for festivals and for Halloween. Traditional Bavarian clothing for women includes large petticoats and dresses in fun colors, like red, yellow, and green. Men can partake in the fun with fake mustaches, suspenders, and traditional Lederhosen, Dressing for Oktoberfest will be easy this Halloween – just relax with a pitcher and a pretzel.

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