Boys Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, mates! Climb up Jacob's Ladder because it's time to raise up the Jolly Roger. Set sail for the open waters and batten down the hatches because you would not want to capsize in your search for treasure. Assist your little buccaneer in finding the perfect attire for a true captain of the sea with boys pirate costumes both unique and familiar!

If your son wants to be the captain of the seas in the Caribbean or rule the seas of Neverland with one hand, then you better avast ye. For this Halloween, ye have no need to worry about your son becoming a scallywag because you'll have him covered. The majority of our attires are equipped with a hat, because what is a captain without his hat? That's right, he's not a captain. So if your kids pirate costume does not come with a hat, we have a number of hats to choose from throughout our website as well as makeup and accessories to go along with the getup. Now, he can finally control all seven seas with an iron hook. Argh! Avoid walking the plank, when you're dressed as a pirate, by learning all their lingoes. Ask for a parley and learn how to pronounce your ahoy's. A quick search of the web will yield many resources for appropriate terminology Before you know it, he will be grabbing this ensemble again as he portrays a raider for his school's play. Yo ho ho, to the finest commander on deck!

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