Queen Costumes

From dancing queen to evil queen, our queen costumes fit any and all personalities. Queens have been around for ages, from medieval times to the current queen of England. While we can’t provide a costume to replicate Queen Elizabeth herself, these versions of royalty have come from all over the world and are available for all shapes and sizes. Licensed costumes from Disney, Snow White and the Huntsman, Frozen and more give you the opportunity is endless for a look that’s sure to rule wherever you go.

It’ll be off with their heads like the Queen of Hearts when you show up in any of these striking Queen outfits. All our options are a walk through many time periods – we have seventies disco queens, Snow White, queens of the Nile, fairy queen, wicked queens, you name it. This is a perfect look for any woman looking to make a royal family costume – kings, princes, and princesses alike. You’ll show up to the next party making the rules in whichever one you choose. These looks are – dare we say - fit for a queen.

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