Boys Religious Costumes

Christian costumes are made for churches, religious organizations, parochial schools or other places of worship. On the following pages you'll find boy's religious & Biblical themed as well as costume for adults and girls that can be used for all sacred occasions. Our fabric grade ranges from affordable robes to professional theater quality biblical wardrobe intended to last for a long time. We carry items to put on special productions for Christmas, Easter, and any other events on the Christian or Hebrew calendar. A great number of churches celebrate Christmas with a living Nativity. Additionally, Easter plays and pageants are widespread during the Lenten season. We also offer a complete range of religious themed add-ons to go with boys biblical costumes.

We have several choices of styles in costumes for Christmas including Mary, Angels, Joseph in addition to the Wisemen. Plus, you can find Jesus, Romans soldiers, apostles and more. Some examples boy's religious costumes are the boy's Shepherd that features a robe with a headpiece.

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