Women's Saloon Girl Costumes

The Old West had mixed feelings about the women who were not so prim or proper. But one thing they could all agree on is that these women's Saloon Girl costumes had a great fashion sense! Transform into one of these gals that made history by entertaining the lonely and making all the big bucks while doing so in the dance halls or saloons. This untraditional activity was looked down upon, but they all maintained their grace with a fabulous look. All of these outfits display the spontaneity and outgoing nature of these ladies with the full skirt and high-low design. The volume in the fringe will naturally add an extra bounce to your step, and the vibrant colors will pick up your mood indefinitely.

Complete the loud and boisterous style with intricate pieces and accessories. Include a feathered headpiece that matches your look or throw on a small, comfortable top hat. Hang jewelry down from your neck, ears, or wrists to hypnotize your men with the glorious shine that comes off the gold or silver. Add some elegance to your look by wearing the long satin gloves that make their way up the elbow. Or maybe leave the elegance and throw in some edgy looks with the black choker. As you celebrate the night and kick up your legs let your hosiery show. Pair this up with some fancy heels and don't forget the feather boa!

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