Baby Boys Storybook & Fairytale Costumes

One important rite of passage for any child is to don costumes and to play make-believe. Boys like to dress up in valiant prince, knight and other boy's fairytale characters costumes. Boys want to be heroes when they play make-believe. They want to be the one who rides off with the princess in the fairytale. On our site, there are many characters for boys to choose from.

He could visit the land of Oz and be the cowardly lion who joins Dorothy in the land of Oz, and receives courage. Your boys may want to be the Lion who receives a heart in the land of Oz. Perhaps, your boy may want to be the scarecrow who receives a brain from the great and powerful Oz. In any of these costumes, he can be a loyal sidekick, and join Dorothy on an exciting adventure into Oz. Maybe your boys want to be a hero in another fairytale. Perhaps he wants to become Robin Hood, who robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Your boy can become a hero to maid Marian. Another to consider would be the dragon slayer. Boys love to be active and to fight. By donning a dragon slayer costume, he can become the fairytale. He can become the knight who slays the dragon to save the princess in the tower.

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