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Halloween is just around the corner, have you picked out your costume yet? Picking out a Halloween costume can be a big decision. You want to get something that looks great and is fun to wear, right? Why not be a superhero for Halloween? Dressing up as your favorite superhero is a blast and you can feel powerful for the night! The best part is anyone can wear superhero Halloween costumes! While superhero costumes can be purchased in retail stores, they can also be purchased right online!  Shop now!

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Make your next superhero costume or villain costume better than ever when you add one of any of these cool accessories! We carry tons of choices for any kind of costume: long and short capes for kids and adults, boots and gloves to keep warm and look just right, weapons and shields for battle, hats, masks, and wigs, belts, tools, flashlights, and anything else you can think of!


We have all the costumes you could possibly want if your entire family or group wants to all go as comic book heroes or supervillains this Halloween! You can pick sides and go as Marvel or DC characters, choose good or evil, or pick a specific property and build around it, like Batman, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, or the Suicide Squad. Your night of costume fun is sure to be legendary!



As the current leader of the pack in superhero comics, Marvel superhero costumes are in vogue! Become any of the powerful heroes or heroines from the recent Marvel movies! Dress as any of the original Avengers when you become the billionaire playboy philanthropist with an Iron Man costume, strike with the power of the thunder when you get a Thor costume, fight against the Nazis and worse with a Captain America costume, and feel the energy flow through your body with the Incredible Hulk!

But that's not all! You can get the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, The Man Without Fear Daredevil, the powerful and otherworldly Captain Marvel, a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, the leader and protector of Wakanda Black Panther, and many more: War Machine, Ant-Manthe Wasp, Valkyrie, and all the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy!


Marvel also has plenty of powerful and dangerous villain costumes for you to choose from for your next night of costume fun! Of course, there's Thanos – the Mad Titan, the most dangerous character in the entire universe, and the one who will finally put the Avengers and all the other heroes in their place! Aside from him, there are a bunch of villain Halloween costumes like the Vulture, so you can harass Spider-Man, take the power from T'Challa and dress as Erik Killmonger in his evil Black Panther suit, become a powerful wizard consumed by jealousy when you dress as Loki, Thor's brother.

You can battle against your programming as the Winter Soldier, destroy Asgard as Hela, feel the power of an alien symbiote as Venom, and more – they all help you create a look you can be proud of.



These incredible, colorful, and powerful superhero Halloween costumes help you look ready for a night of trick-or-treating, going out to a costume party, movie events, and plenty more. Become the Man of Steel and the original comic book hero when you dress up as Superman, become the Dark Knight, and the defender of Gotham with a cool Batmancostume, or show the boys up as the very first female superhero with a wonderful Wonder Woman costume!

You can also dress as one of Batman's proteges with a Robin costume or a Batgirl costume, the scarlet speedster, the Flash, or join Robin as a member of the Teen Titans with a Raven costume, a Starfire costume, a Beast Boy costume, or a Cyborg costume!


A villain Halloween costume helps you stand out in the pack of goody-two shoes that fill the recent Halloweens, and DC Comics has the best villains of them all! At the top of the heap and never to be toppled is the clown prince of crime, the Joker, and his main squeeze Harley Quinn, but you can also get the champion of nature Poison Ivy, the world's deadliest assassin Deathstroke, an underwater threat with Black Manta, a villainous vexer with a Riddler costume, and plenty more. Laugh at the Justice League's foolish antics, or get away with all those precious jewels and set up your supervillain lair in style!



Get the gruesome scars and vomitous visage of the merc without a mouth this Halloween when you use this makeup tutorial to look just like the Wolverine Origins version of Deadpool! All it takes is a little bit of makeup know-how and some time, and you're sure to render people speechless! 

Classic Deadpool

Are you interested in the classic mouthy version of this recently-popular character? Then use the classic Deadpool makeup tutorial with handy picture guides and step-by-step instructions to become the unkillable mercenary who never stops talking! 


Doctor Strange's powerful opponent and foe is here to end the world and bring about an end to his pain this Halloween, and now you can mimic his unique eye makeup with the help of the Kaecilius Makeup Tutorial! Allow Dormammu into the world, and look perfect for a night of Halloween fun!  


Step up next to the Starlord as a strong warrior and one who will never give up in the fight against Thanos when you use the Gamora makeup tutorial to become another member of the Guardians of the Galaxy!


There are a lot of options for superhero costumes when it comes to the X-Men, but almost anybody can dress up as the powerful and erudite Beast with the help of the Beast makeup tutorial! There are helpful step-by-step guides to walk you through the process, as well as handy pictures for the more visually-oriented. Get ready to fight Magneto as this classic hero! 


When you use the Drax makeup tutorial to look like one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you may disappear entirely from your next costume party or while trick-or-treating! This outfit includes a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, and handy picture guides, all to make it easy to get a legendary look! 


What about the first member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers? Tony Stark's facial hair is famous in the comic book world, and now you can make it your very own when you use the Tony Stark Makeup tutorial! It's the perfect thing to make your next superhero Halloween costume look just right! 


Mystique is neither hero nor villain, but always plays a major part in the legacy of the X-Men. Whether you're a fan of this shapeshifter and assassin, or somebody who actively roots against her, there's no denying this helpful makeup tutorial helps you look like her unique and memorable appearance!



Go from a nobody to a nightmare this Halloween when you become Batman's famous number one villain with the help of the Joker makeup tutorial, turning you into the newest incarnation of the mad clown from the Suicide Squad movie! 

Joker New 52

Interested in getting an even stranger Joker look? Try on the New 52 Joker style with this makeup tutorial, which includes everything you need to get a look no one will be able to forget at your next costume party! 

El Diablo

The Suicide Squad is full of memorable characters, and El Diablo is surely one of the best! He has the incredible power of flame, and a bevy of facial tattoos that make him interesting and cool for a costume party. Get his style with the help of the El Diablo makeup tutorial!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn loves to look good for her man, and now you can get a special pop art version of her colorful clown look when you use the Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial! Jump from the comic book page to your next dress-up event with this fun guide! 


Kryptonite is Superman's one weakness, and it has been known to have deadly consequences if he goes near it. Wholesale Halloween Costumes put a twist on the Man of Steel with this unique makeup tutorial! Become the ultimate superhero, brought down to size! 


Killer Frost is an icy villain who powers up in the cold, and it's never been easier to get her true blue look for your next night of Halloween villainy! The Killer Frost makeup tutorial has everything you need to look just right!   


Harvey Dent is a well-meaning Gotham DA, but when the Joker gets his hands on him, he becomes Two-Face, a twisted being who uses fate to decide what will happen to his victims! Get the famous half-and-half look with this Dark Knight Two-Face makeup tutorial!


Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most famous female villains, and for good reason! Not only is sure powerful, but her look is memorable and unique, and now you can dress as this protector of plants for your next costume party or villain Halloween costume when you use the Poison Ivy makeup tutorial

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