Thanksgiving Costumes

Halloween has come and gone and the weather is growing chillier every day. Imagine how the pilgrims must have felt that first winter in Plymouth, Massachusetts with little more than the clothes on their back. Thankfully, their relationship with the Native Americans helped them survive. On Thanksgiving Day, pilgrims and Indians gathered to give thanks for the harvest and feast on its bounty. The tradition remains today when we gather with family to give thanks for our many blessings. One way to make this tradition more special is to do it in Thanksgiving costumes from Costume Discounters. Thanksgiving costumes features puritan style Pilgrim garb for men, women and children. It also features Native American costumes for the entire family. When worn together your family and friends can recreate the first Thanksgiving. Acting out the first Thanksgiving in costume is also a common occurrence in school across America.

To add humor to your Thanksgiving, we have turkey costumes for adults and kids. This silly costume will lead to dozens of turkey jokes that your family with laugh about for years to come.

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