Thor Costumes

The world needs you to be one of the oldest superhero gods – Thor. Marvel’s Thor is superhuman and in fact a God. Him and the rest of the Avengers (Black Widow, Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, and the others) fight to save the world and sometimes do more good than evil. We last saw Thor in the movies when he went to go find his long-lost buddy, Hulk. His new movie comes out this summer, so be prepared to stock up on what’s sure to be the hottest Halloween costume this year! Grab your hammer and get ready for a thunderous adventure.

Thor is known for his long hair, hammer, red cape, and muscles. We can supply you with all of these things! (Well, fake muscles anyway.) Children can choose from regular and deluxe Avengers and Avengers two costumes and be their favorite blonde superhero (looking at you, Captain America.) Adult comic buffs will be thrilled to hear we have a collector’s Thor costume ready to make you look the sharpest at your next comic con. Whether going to your next convention or going to a Halloween party, you’ll move mountains as Thor.

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