Girls TV & Movie Costumes

A little girl's favorite movie or television show changes as often as she changes her clothes, meaning you never want to run out of options when it comes time for playing dress up or trick-or-treating on Halloween. One minute she wants to be a princess, the next a cow girl, then all of a sudden a superhero is her top choice, and this indecisiveness doesn't go away as she gets older. You'll find an outfit for every day of the week to match her ever changing identity in this array of girls TV and Movie Halloween costumes.

If your daughter wants to look like a Disney Princess, Justice League Superhero, Nickelodeon television star, video game character, or their idol straight from the big screen, we're a one stop shop for girls TV and movie costumes featuring all of the above! You'll have more fun watching her run around the house reenacting her favorite scenes than she will actually performing them. Make sure she has everything she needs to get into character by accessorizing with magic wands, wigs, jewelry and shoes. She'll look so realistic, when friends and family see her all dressed up, they'll be asking for autographs and photo ops.

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