TV & Movie Costumes

Characters from major motion pictures, TV shows and cartoons are often so popular with viewers that they become immortalized in the form of Halloween costumes. Every Halloween, people honor these characters by dressing like them and letting everyone know their fondness for them. Old movies and TV shows that have been off the air for decades remain popular through their costumes, re-runs and video rentals.

Some classic movie wardrobe ideas include Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz and Snow White. For television, examples include, I Love Lucy, Popeye, The Lone Ranger and The Flintstones. Contemporary TV and movie Costumes feature favorites like The Simpsons, Toy Story, Prince of Persia and Iron Man. Halloween will never be dull when we have so many characters' outfits from which to choose. Human characters, animals and cartoons come together in one very large category for kids and adults.

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