Boys Video Games Costumes

Whether it's the most up-to-date new releases or the old school 8-bit classics, boys costumes are always a hit. With mobile games like Angry Birds becoming worldwide hits, even the littlest members of the family have a favorite video game character! The littlest boys make perfect birds or piggies, and can choose from their favorite color, character, or variant series. If your little guy is a fan of the classics, these bright, comfortable costumes make great choices for parties. Super Mario, Pac-Man, and other boys video game classics mark your little player as someone with discerning tastes.

Boys video game costumes are a hot button for some of the biggest trends right now. Fantasy heroes like Spyro of Skylanders and little engineers of the sort who lord over entire kingdoms in Minecraft will love masks and props that come with their own pixel perfect paint job. If your little guy is a speed demon, Sonic the Hedgehog is the perfect choice - bonus points if he's just a blur in pictures! Our video game costume selection even includes a variety of fantasy and sci-fi gaming heroes in adult sizes, for big kids and fearsome grown up gamers alike. Everyone needs a power up some days, so save your game and gather your party to equip the coolest costume gear around.

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