Girls Video Games Costumes

When it's time for your daughter to put down the controller and go trick-or-treating, dress her in one of these girl's video game Halloween costumes! If your little girl loves exploring virtual realities and spends hours playing online, this collection is guaranteed to include an ensemble she'll adore. Characters from all of her favorite franchises can be found here and will allow her to bring her beloved video games to life as she travels around the neighborhood collecting candy like the animations collect coins.

This assortment consists of both famous female characters as well as costumes that are designed after the outfits male protagonists are seen wearing. Your daughter can combine her love of games with her girly fashion sense by dressing up as Princess Peach or show the boys she can be cool and cute by choosing a dress modeled after Mario or Sonic. If video games are a family affair in your household and everyone wants to get dressed up as their go-to character, browse the Men's, Women's and Boy's sections of our site to find coordinating merchandise. Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser and other favorites can help you put together a Super Mario themed brood, or everyone can pick which Angry Bird they like to slingshot best and fly around together as a flock.

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